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A lavender orange beach sunset backdrop for the description page about the V40 model custom made bamboo tiki bar built in southwest Florida by tiki unique

   Narrower and space saving at 40 inches in depth, this uniquely shaped tiki bar allows for easy face to face conversation and is sure to set the tone as the centerpiece for your exotic, backyard island oasis.  Built to last, employing a solid wood frame clad with my handcrafted "I can't believe it's not real" faux bamboo made of PVC, it delivers all of the tropical ambiance that only bamboo can offer, without any of the warp, split, wobble, or weathering issues associated with natural bamboo construction.  Available in many metallic enamel finishes and combinations, or with French polish bar tops for those who like a finish that accentuates the natural character of wood.  Multiple coats of Urethane provide added scuff, scratch, UV and weather resistance, as well as easy spill cleanup.  Your choice of removable wheels if you want the bar to stand on the legs, permanently mounted heavy duty wheels with locking levers, or heavy duty wheels with leveling feet for bars that will be located on less than perfectly level surfaces such as patio pavers, tile floors, and wooden decks.  See the construction page for more info.  Removable bar top allows for egress through narrow doorways (32.5" minimum width). With dimensions of 8' width X 40" depth X 42" height (weight 200 lbs), it comfortably seats 6 around the bar top with "belly up" spots and countertop height seating on the service side for the evenings when everybody stops by for some tiki time.  Large interior storage area with cupboard doors is finished with multiple coats of exterior stain and clear acrylic for weather protection and item sliding scuff resistance.  All unseen areas, such as the framing, underside of the bar frame and tops are sealed with exterior stain.  Your choice of a power strip on the service area, out of sight and weather under the bar top, or a GFCI outlet with a closeable "In Use" cover mounted on the rear wall.  All can be powered via an extension cord plug in under the bar or converted to being hard wired if desired.  50,000 hour LED rope lighting around the entire perimeter and inside the storage area provides a lovely nighttime ambiance, as well as "see what you're doing functionality".  Rugged enough for outdoor use, yet fine finished to be the showpiece of an interior entertainment area.  Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss special requests not mentioned.  The Tiki Man is fairly accommodating.  The most commonly requested alternatives that impact pricing are listed below.

Decorative trim on the edges and a stain or French Polish shellac finish on the bar tops, that highlights the natural character of the wood + ADD $45

No LED lighting - SUBTRACT $75

No electrical - SUBTRACT $40

Natural bamboo for the 1" cladding - SUBTRACT $75

Bar top umbrella ring and internal mounting bracket + ADD $60

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