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weathered wood tiki bar with storage

Being distressed and having the blues never looked so good as it does on this one of a kind weathered look tiki bar with a day at the beach vibe.  The pictured bar features lightweight, waterproof, self-adhesive PVC wall panels with a 3d weathered wood look, weathered gray stain on the cabinet interiors, PVC bamboo that's age finished to match, hammered copper finish on the shelving, and a copper colored, simulated marble, epoxy resin finish on the bar tops. As with all bars, it's customizable for epoxy bar top color and pattern, storage cabinet lay out and finish, wheel type, umbrella ready option, and more. Based on the Hollywood Tiki bar frame, with dimensions of 4' X 8' X 43" height, it easily seats 8 around the bar top with belly up spots and a large countertop height service bar in the rear. If you opt for the mini fridge or wine cooler compartment version, it has an outlet positioned for accessibility to do double duty as a fridge plug in and a blender outlet available for the drink bar.  Your choice of heavy duty wheels if you want easy mobility when needed or leveling feet in place of the wheels.  Multiple coats of polyurethane add extra scuff and bump durability to the cabinet interiors, shelves and guaranteed to never split PVC bamboo. 

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