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Marble Surface

Whether you have a specific size or shape requirement for your space, already have a vision for your design, or you'd just like a consultation to bounce some ideas around and discuss some options for the backyard oasis you're trying to create, feel free to contact me and we'll see if we can collaborate on making you the perfect centerpiece for your own tropical paradise.  To get started, you can either call me at the number listed at the upper right corner of the page or send an email to  Include some measurements of your intended bar location, possibly attach some photos of the space from several angles and let me know what your initial thoughts are regarding the shape, type, style, function, storage area setup, and anything else you can think of, and we'll see if we can design a bar specifically suited to your little piece of tropical paradise.  

hand crafted tiki bars with free shipping to Lakeland, Florida

If you'd like a visual aid for what one of my bar designs will look like in your space, photos with a transparent background, that you can insert into pictures of your space are available.  Email me at and let me know which bar photos you'd like, and I'll be delighted to send them to you via an email attachment.  If you'd prefer, another option is to email or text me an image of your space and I can insert the bar or bars you request into the photos and email them back to you. The scale and lighting may not be exact, but it can help give you a good general visualization of what your bar will look like in your intended location. I've included an example below from when one of my awesome customers texted me a photo of their lake house porch, that I inserted photos of her bar into and emailed back.

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