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Wood frame tiki hut with a thatch roof and billowing curtains on a beach at sunset

The hollywood


Current availability estimate - 10 weeks

Bamboo tiki bar lover's dream, with a slew of design options available.  My most popular and customizable bar, the "Hollywood Tiki" is just the stunning centerpiece to start with for turning your outdoor entertainment area into an Island oasis.  Built to last, it's constructed with a solid wood frame, that's clad with my handcrafted "No one will know but you" faux bamboo made of PVC.  This beautiful bar delivers all of the tropical ambiance that only bamboo can offer, without any of the splitting, warping, graying, or wobble issues associated with natural bamboo.  (Natural bamboo cladding on the bar faces is available upon request for those who prefer the bends & "character" of natural bamboo).  Choose between random or patterned growth rings on the bamboo cladding.  The palm leaf pattern on the front center of the bar is also optional.  With dimensions of 8' wide X 4' deep X 42" (standard bar height weight approximately 250 lbs.), it comfortably seats 8 around the bar top, with "belly up" spots and additional countertop height seating on the service bar side that can be utilized when the whole gang shows up for some tiki time.  The bar offers a sizeable amount of storage capacity, and the layout of the service side storage area is also customizable to suit your needs.  Options include but are not limited to - Open shelving, with cabinet doors, or a combination/ Varied shelf heights or no shelves/ Mini fridge or wine cooler compartment with electrical outlet, 6 outlet surge protected power strip for the service counter that can be powered via extension cord plug in under the bar or direct wired/ with or without a foot rail, etc. etc.  I'm happy to build it to accommodate your preferences.  For ease of mobility when required, choose between 8 heavy duty wheels with leveling feet for bars that will be located on less than perfectly level surfaces like patio pavers, tile floors, or decks, or 8 heavy duty casters with locking brake levers for bars located on level surfaces such as concrete patios.  The amber shellac, French polished bar tops are top coated with multiple coats of either marine spar or floor rated polyurethane for scuff, scratch, alcohol and weather resistance, as well as easy spill cleanup.  The shelving and inside of the cabinet compartments are sealed with multiple coats of exterior stain and top coated with clear acrylic for added scuff resistance.  All unseen areas such as the undersides of the bar tops, framing, bottom of the bar and etc. are sealed with exterior stain.  The List price is based on the most requested version, that includes cabinet doors, a mini fridge opening with electrical outlet and an outlet on the service counter, PVC bamboo, the front palm leaf pattern, and a footrail.  Two additional charge options and the multiple discount options are listed below. 

Add a shelf to open Mini Fridge compartment Add + $40

Install a 3rd cabinet door (center compartment) Add + $75

Remove cabinet door or doors from side compartments Subtract - $75 Each

Natural bamboo 1" cladding in place of PVC Subtract - $75

No service area outlet Subtract - $30

Without Palm Pattern front center (all vertical 1" cladding) Subtract - $70

Without Footrail Subtract - $175

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