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Balcony Tiki BAR & the portable tiki

 Current availability estimate - 3 -4 weeks


Custom built to your size requirements, this belly on up, then roll it out of the way when the party's over, bar top only tiki bar, will add a big tropical feel, to a small space. As with all bars, it's available with multiple finish options, customizable for storage area layout, electrical outlets, your choice of natural or PVC bamboo and color hue, and with the added umbrella hole option. Please contact me for a quote to have it built to your specifications.  


A scaled down version, that includes all the bells and whistles of the  Hollywood Tiki Bar, is designed for those who want the shape and the big time wow factor of the full size bar but are spacially challenged. All the usual alternative options of size, bamboo color & type, bar top finish, storage lay out, wheel type, adding an umbrella hole with ring and cover, electrical outlets and etc.  Discounts available for elimination of the footrail, rear cabinet door, or substituting natural woodgrain bar tops for the epoxy resin beach scene with ocean waves art.

 Balcony tiki bar with epoxy resin art beach scene and ocean waves bar top
Balcony tiki bar on wheels with footrail and storage cabinets
Swimming pool tiki bar with epoxy resin art, beach scene and ocean waves bar top
Side view of a gazebo bar with epoxy resin art bar top
Small patio Tiki bar with thatch umbrella on the beach with a surfboard and ocean sunset backdrop
outdoor patio bamboo tiki bar with epoxy resin art beach scene and ocean waves bar top
Tiki Unique brand, Balcony Tiki Bar mode
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