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Tropical Beach

About Us

Hello, my name is Lance De Pender.  Thank you so much for visiting my Tiki Unique site!  I'm a carpenter by trade and formerly a licensed builder from Michigan.  I currently reside in the quaint small town of Avon Park, FL, which is affectionately known as the "city of charm".  After escaping to the Free State of Florida, I turned my carpentry skills, passion for all things tropical, and love for the appearance of bamboo into a business where I create my own unique, handcrafted tiki bar designs that are focused on being both beautiful and functional.  I also collaborate with my clients to build custom made tiki bars specifically suited to create their personal backyard tiki paradise.  Because I'm a single proprietor, my attention to detail, and my desire to build bars that will last to be gathered around for innumerable good times in the future, I'm only able to build a limited number of unique Tiki Bars, for a limited number of customers who believe it's worth a short wait time to have a high quality, handcrafted Tiki Unique bar, built just for them, as the focal point of their tiki paradise.   

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