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Wood frame tiki hut with a thatch roof and billowing curtains on a beach at sunset

tiki a round


Current availability estimate - 4 weeks

 A truly unique Tiki Bar that's sure to turn your outdoor entertainment area into a tropical oasis and your everyday into tiki time.  Comfortably seating 8 around the bar top, with dimensions of 4' X 8' X 42" Height (approximate weight 300 lbs), this half round bar is big, beautiful and built to last.  This unique round tiki bar design is certain to mesmerize your guests and turn your everyday into a tropical get away.  Strong and sturdy, employing solid wood frame construction that's clad with "I can't believe it's not real bamboo" made of PVC, it's guaranteed to never have any of the graying, splitting, weathering or wobble issues associated with bamboo construction.  The epoxy resin bar tops can be poured to any color palette and many alternate stone look or artistic patterns to suit your taste or match your decor.   A chiseled stone effect on the edge of the bar tops, and the granite finished bottom shelf lends authenticity to the natural stone look.   Multiple coats of clear enamel add extra durability to the interior cabinet walls and shelves.  The service side storage area is also customizable to suit your aesthetic and function preferences.  A multi outlet power strip, that you can power by a simple extension cord plug in under the bar, is located at the front of the center cabinet, is easily accessible for drink counter use and mini fridge plug in if you install one. You may also opt for a GFCI outlet, but this is unnecessary if you will be running the extension cord from a GFCI outlet, as this will provide the same ground fault protection. The version with a front display case has an epoxy resin floor and is faced with virtually unbreakable Lexan to keep out the weather.  A removable access panel, that is unnoticeable when inserted, provides the opportunity for truly "make it your own personalization", by adding your favorite vacation treasures, keepsakes, memorabilia or tropical decor.  Rope accents add a finishing touch to the Island getaway feel.  The bar is equipped with heavy duty leveling legs that allow it to be leveled and stabilized on uneven surfaces, such as patio pavers, decks, or concrete patios sloped for water runoff. The bar top is removable to allow for egress through doorways (33" width minimum).  Umbrella hole option also available. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss having me build you a personal, alternative version of this unique tiki.  

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