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Light Wood Panel

A photo menu of my personal designs and prices for each is below.  Clicking on the title or photo will bring you to a dedicated page that contains a full description for that bar, plus more photos from all angles and typically alternative finishes and color schemes. List prices on this page are "out the door" prices for US sales but are for the bar only and do not include delivery.  Any customs fees or duties for foreign sales will be the responsibility of the purchaser. As it's the landing page from shopping sites, in order to conform to their parameters, the different list prices on the BUY A TIKI/Product page are caused by the necessity to include "Free Shipping" nationwide. Obviously, this is not a product I can slap a stamp on, so to counteract the cost discrepancy for delivering to different areas, I offer coupon codes that can be applied at checkout for delivery to most locations. If you'd like to make a purchase from the BUY A TIKI page and you're a Florida resident, please visit the SHIPPING page to find your zone on 1 of the 5 maps and get the coupon code to enter at checkout for your location. Other US State and select Canadian Province residents, please visit to the COUPONS page to find the coupon code applicable to your location.   


On occasion I have a pre-made bar in stock (usually a new design), but most bars are specifically custom made to order, tailored to my customer's individual request. For these "Made to Order" listings, some design or finish options may affect the list price. The discount or addition for the most requested alterations are listed below the description on the bars dedicated page. As it's the simplest and best way to come up with the bar version best suited to you, including delivery if needed, at the best price, with the most accurate availability date, please hit me up with an aloha using any of the means listed on the CONTACT page.

    This site accepts credit cards. Contact me if you'd prefer to pay by personal check, Zelle, Venmo, wire transfer or cash. Each bar is individually handcrafted on a first ordered-first built basis.  I attempt to adjust the estimated availability date soon after each new order, so the approximate availability date shown on the bar's description page is typically fairly accurate at the moment.  

Tiki hut bar with totem pole
Bamboo tiki bar and totem pole
Custom made bamboo tiki bar with storage cabinets, electrical  outlets, and LED lights

$2199 - Made to Order

Beach Town
Custom made large tiki hut, patio, and mancave bar with storage, mini fridge compartment, footrail, drink counter and wheels

$2999 - Made to Order

Canyon Lake
Mancave, deck, or palapa bar with storage and refrigerator cabinet, faded beach plank and weathered bamboo and hammered copper finish, marbled epoxy resin art bar tops. Drink counter and wheels with leveling legs

$2299 - Made to Order

Penguins on Floating Ice backdrop for the Cooler Tiki Model patio bar with mini fridge
Handcrafted V shaped pato, pool, tropical mancave or tiki hut bar with storage and mini fridge cabinets, electrcal outlets,optional wheels, bamboo  and hardwood bar tops

$2199-Made to Order

Tiki unique, custom made patio and tiki hut bars
Bamboo patio dining table with beach sunset  scene acrylic art display cases.

Made to Order

Price varies by size and design. 

Price varies by size and design  

$1049 - $1799-Made to Order

Portable bamboo tiki bar for the balcony, porch or pool with umbrella option
Shadow on Concrete Wall
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