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Wood frame tiki hut with a thatch roof and billowing curtains on a beach at sunset

Tiki PATIO Table

 Current availability estimate - 4 weeks

The Tiki Table is designed for those who want the tropical vibe that only bamboo can deliver but want it in a patio dining table.  Customizable for size to suit your space, shape if you prefer a round or oval table, height, if you'd prefer standard patio table height, countertop height, or bar height seating, and it also has an umbrella option.  The pictured table is 7' X 32" X 34" height, weight 120 lbs.  Plexiglass faced display cases provide the opportunity to personalize the table by displaying your favorite decor or vacation treasures. Displays cases are optional and customizable. The Dutch Pour acrylic art backdrops with sunset lagoon abstracts can be substituted with a different color scheme and abstract, replaced with all interior bamboo cladding, or the display cases can be eliminated if you'd prefer both sides of the table to have all bamboo.  The natural bamboo cladding length can also be adjusted to extend closer to the ground if you'd prefer.  Shown with a Faux bamboo slat pattern and French polish shellac finish on the table top, but as with my bars, this is customizable to suit your taste.  LED lights that encircle the entire perimeter and interior of the display cases provide a lovely nighttime ambiance. The table top is removable, if required, for narrow door egress or transport in the back of an SUV.  Rope pattern wood trim matches the vibe and lends an interesting finished edge to the tabletop.  As with all the bars, choose between natural bamboo or PVC cladding.  A 2" PVC bamboo trim under the tabletop edge (as shown in the photos of the V40 and Cooler Tiki models) is also an option.  The list price is based on the bar pictured, with natural bamboo cladding.  The price may fluctuate up or down, depending on personalized design alterations chosen.  Please contact me to discuss your size, design, and finish alterations to get your custom-made price quote.

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