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The list prices on my stock tiki bar designs are "out the door prices" but are for the bar only and do not include shipping.  All customers have the option of purchasing the bar at the list price and doing a self-pick up or arranging for the shipping themselves and having the bar picked up from my Avon Park, FL location.  I do the majority of in state Florida deliveries myself, which affords the opportunity to both give my customers a better rate and personally thank them for the purchase.  Most out of state purchases I contract with reliable carriers I've used previously or a carrier that I contract with from the Uship website.  As the majority of my bars are built to order, we will be discussing the cost and delivery date estimate during our prepurchase/design communications.  Below I have information regarding different purchase scenarios, info regarding the delivery cost to Florida locations, and an overview of how contracting a carrier using Uship works, and how out of state customers can visit the Uship site and use the estimating tool to immediately get a quote range of what the shipping cost will be.     

Purchase an "In Stock" bar now and opt to do a self-pickup or arrange for the delivery yourself

Florida residents purchase an IN STOCK bar now and have the bar delivered.

Below you will find Florida maps broken down by 5 zones based upon the distance from my Avon Park location and the cost or delivery to each zone.  Select the model you want to purchase on the BUY A TIKI page.  At checkout click on the standard shipping and select the FLORIDA ZONE # that applies to your delivery location.  The amount that applies to your zone will be added to the "out the door" list price.  I'll be contacting you soon to thank you and make the delivery day/time arrangements that work for you.  

florida delivery zones

Hollywood Tiki shipping prep_edited.jpg

As a brief overview, Uship is an online shipping marketplace, where hundreds of private carriers provide quotes for shipments that are listed on the site.  If you elect to have me arrange the shipping, I will be listing the shipment there at a price point between the average and highest paid, as I have to ensure that I get offers from well reviewed carriers and the bar delivered in the time frame I tell you, experience has taught me that this is the range where I can make that happen.  I'll also directly contact carriers I've used previously to get the best deal I can for you on the delivery.  If you'd like an immediate estimate for what the cost of the delivery will be, or if you think you might want to list the shipment yourself using their- Name Your Price- option to possibly get a reduced rate, simply click on the photo above, the USHIP heading, or this paragraph, any of which will take you to  Once there, click on Get an Estimate.   click on household items, then furniture. It will then ask you for the size of the item (the dimensions are listed in the description of each bar on its gallery page or you can just use 96" X 48" X 42" and 200 lbs. which will be close enough for the purpose of getting an estimate). Enter Avon Park, FL for the pickup location and your city for drop off and it will give you the price range that others have paid for similar shipments.  (Ignore the heading that reads- List an Item, as it will bring you to the price range estimator before asking you if you'd like to list the item).

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