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      Tiki sized &
All PVC boat bar

Current availability estimate - 4 weeks

A no service counter design that's built to fit into spaces with limited size requirements.  Fully customizable for width and depth to fit your space, finish, and storage area layout.  As with all bars it can be built with Natural or PVC bamboo cladding.  Other options include, but are not limited to, with or without a footrail, amount of seating leg space overhang on the front and/or sides, and the bar top edge trim (as shown with a wood trim edge that's undergirded with bamboo or with the bamboo trim mounted flush with the top, ala the Hollywood and Coolest Cooler Tiki).  It can also be made to free stand on the legs, or on wheels so it can be easily moved out of the way to create more space when not in use and brought out when it's time to get the tiki time party started.  The list price reflects the likely bottom and top price range that will vary based on the size and design alternatives you want.  Please message me for a quote to build it to your specifications and the delivery cost if required.

A Just For Me Tiki

In case you missed it elsewhere on my site, I'd be delighted to discuss a collaboration to build you a bar tailored just for you.  Whether it's a specific size, shape, style, finish, construction material, function, or whatever the vibe that moves you is, feel free to contact me and we'll bounce some ideas around and see if we can come up with a design to be the centerpiece of your own tropical paradise.  Without knowing the design, I can't list an available time estimate here.  We will discuss this during the process.

The All PVC Tiki Bar

In collaboration with Captain Sean at Tiki Tavern Nautica, a tiki bar made completely out of PVC to go on the new Tiki Cruise fleet that's under construction and be able to handle whatever the elements and Gulf of Mexico salt water can throw at her.  If you're looking for a bar to turn your boat or pontoon into a party barge to cruise the water in tiki style or you want an outdoor bar that from the framing to the bar top is constructed completely out of PVC, message me and I'd be delighted to discuss this with you.  If you're ever in the Tarpon Springs, FL area and want to have an unforgettable tiki bar cruise, give captain Sean a call and he'll hook you up.  Note: photos shouldn't be taken as indicative of the size or design your 100% PVC bar would have to have, as this size and design is tailored for fitting the boat on which it will be installed. I.E. - sliding cabinet doors, raised roll top bar top edge, the open back behind the end cabinets and short "bamboo" pieces in the rear that are specifically sized for fitting over and attaching the bar to the deck rail of the boat.  They also show the bar with an unfinished white PVC bar top, as he has his own artist air brush the company logo onto it before it's finished with epoxy resin.  Obviously, unless you requested me to leave it bare so you can finish the PVC bar top yourself, I'll be finishing it for you, to your desired design.  (For maximum adhesion and durability an epoxy resin finish is recommended, but we can discuss other options).  Anyway, hopefully you get the point that it can be made to suit your size, functionality and aesthetic requirements.   

All PVC Tiki Bar for pontoon boat
All PVC Tiki bar for po patio or boat
Weatherproof PVC bar for deck or boat
Tiki Nautica cruise boat with Tik bar
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