Currently in stock, with minor design changes from the standard Cooler Tiki, plus a first-time color scheme, this latest and coolest yet "Cooler Tiki Bar" from Tiki Unique is sure to bamboozle your guests and turn your outdoor entertainment area into an Island oasis.  Built to last, it starts with a solid wood frame that's sealed with multiple coats of solid body exterior stain. The whole log legs and 2" trim pieces are made from my handcrafted "I can't believe it's not real" faux bamboo made from PVC, that delivers all of the tropical ambiance that only bamboo can offer, but is guaranteed to never warp, weather, or split.  Natural bamboo 1" cladding on the front and side walls adds extra character and has been halved to deter any future splitting.  Both the PVC and natural bamboo are finished with acrylic stain + 2 coats of shellac and 2 coats of marine spar urethane for maxim durability, UV protection and color retention.  Hardwood birch bar tops are loaded with grain character that's accentuated with a French polish finish topped with gloss marine spar urethane for durability and "pop".  The 2" PVC trim moved up flush with the edge of the bar top and the appearance of whole log supports underneath the top add a unique look and design change from the regular Cooler Tiki model. With dimensions of 8' X 4' X 42" bar height, it easily seats 6 or more around the bar top, with 2 "belly-up" spots and countertop height seating on the service side for large gatherings.   The bar top is removable for egress through doorways, if required.  Cabinets and shelves are also clear coated for scuff resistance.  A weathered gray stain on the doors and service bar trim adds a fantastic final touch.  The mini fridge cabinet measures 22" wide X 23" deep X 26" high and contains a GFCI electrical outlet that can be powered via an extension cord plug in under the bar and is positioned to be accessible for service counter use also.  (Pictured with a 90 can New Air glass door beverage cooler-not included.  Heavy duty wheels with leveling legs provide ease of movement and allow the bar to be stably positioned on less than perfectly level surfaces such as patio pavers or decks.  All photos are of the actual bar that is in stock.